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Sun, snow or city?

Sun, snow or city?

While America mulls over whether to do the wrong thing or a slightly less wrong thing, I’ve been thinking about where to go on holiday. I need a holiday – it’s been a while since my last one. But trying to figure out where to go or what to do is stressing me out so much I … need a holiday.

Last year, I made the mistake of trying to do an active ski-ing holiday when what my body/mind really wanted was rest. So as soon as we arrived in the ski chalet we pretty much collapsed and consequently, tried to join the ski lessons three days too late. Which sent me into a blind snow panic.

So I don’t want to repeat that same mistake of a totally active holiday – but neither do I want a totally dull laid-back holiday. I did a two-week holiday in the sun two years ago, and by the end of the week, I was going slowly mad.

Ideally, I want a semi-active and semi-restful holiday. And I want to see some friends. Fortunately, some of my friends have courteously offered to put up with me so I need to decide between

  • New York (shopping! culture! drinking!)
  • San Francisco (drinking! culture! geek shopping!)
  • Seattle (culture! drinking! The Science Fiction Museum!)
  • Florida (beach! drinking!)

Decisions, decisions. Although having spent the weekend ironing and watching On Her Majesty’s Secret Service and all that lovely snow, plus my love for that bracing dry cold you can only get as autumn turns to winter, I’m tempted to go for another winter holiday. But the fear of the snow holds me back. Plus if I was out-of-shape last Christmas, I’m even more so, now.

Of course I could just stay at home and play Civilisation 3.


  • If I were you, I'd go to San Francisco of course, I'd have a contest to see which set of friends was offering the most perks for the delight of my companionship. For example, in one local would you have your own private guest room with Premium cable, X-box, and Tivo…and the other an air mattress in the corner of a cramped studio?

    Who are the better cooks? Have the most attractive single friends? Their own transportation? Expendable income etc? Make them really *sell* themselves to you!

    Good luck-

  • lovely snow or the lovely diana rigg?

    oh, wait. that's my line, in lieu of you watching 'goldfinger' and me squealing about honor blackman.


  • Can they host two people? I need a break as well! Mind, I'm just not keen on going to the US right now. Though if it was going to be cheap enough I could be tempted.

    Just think how many iPods we could *both* carry through customs…

  • Okay you've baited me – 'the wrong decision or slightly less wrong thing' – I am assuming you are talking about the election rather than the out come of one of the ubitquous US reality shows. So then why is Kerry only a slightly less wrong thing?From where I am sitting he looks like a pretty good presidentual candidate…..

  • Because Kerry, despite not being Bush, (as far as I know) hasn't said whether he'd sign up to the Kyoto environmental treaty or the World Criminal Court – both things that Clinton signed the USA to, and Bush pulled out of. They're both treaties that the world *needs* the USA to sign in the spirit of international co-operation and to try to avert rising sea levels and more lethal hurricanes.

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