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Return of Band Aid

Return of Band Aid

Looks like Band Aid is coming back with the likes of Noel Gallagher, Damon Albarn and Dido. Uch. The interesting test will be whether it makes it onto iTunes or not, and if so, for how much?

Totally laudable aims, but surely it’d be far more effective if you actually donated £4 to Band Aid direct, rather than buying the third cover to a song that’s 20 years ago?

Watching the fascinating original Band Aid documentary was a fascinating experience – and it’s scary to think it was all 20 years ago. I still remember Ultravox in their day.

Kinda interesting to note that how, 20 years on, it still looks like the component members of Bananarama don’t like each other. Keren Woodward and Sarah (dating Gazza/G8/Paul Gascoigne) Dallin seemed to always be shot seperately to Siobhan Fahey who later went on to form Shakespeares Sister, and sent a 16-year-old version of me into tongue-tied heaven by wearing a black bra and see-through jumper while I was at London Records on work experience. Ahhh, them were the days…

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