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What cool games are there for the X-Box 360?

What cool games are there for the X-Box 360?

so… I can get an XBox 360 for £160 (saving £40).

Or, y’know, save up for a laptop so I can play Civilisation 5 and Portal 2.

Or a mobile phone since my G1 is going the way of the ghost.

Or just save up for my forthcoming child.

Decisions, decisions…

So what brilliantly cool games can I play with the XBox 360 that I can’t play with my PS3? (which is gathering dust in the corner, alas!)


  • moviegrrlreviews

    Obviously there are LOADS of brilliant games for the Xbox, but it does depend what kind of games you like…

    In terms of puzzle games, I reiterate the list gave you on Twitter:
    Peggle, Droplitz, Braid, Chime, Hexic, Geometry Wars, all on XBLA all fab.

    Portal 2 will be on Xbox so no worries there.

    If you want fun, colourful good time games – all the Lego franchise games are excellent, also both Viva Pinata games, Sonic and SEGA Superstars Racing,

    For comic geekdom X-Men Origins: Wolverine isn't bad but Batman:Arkham Asylum is the Daddy of those, and the second one is out next year. (but those are also PS3, thinking about it)

    Zombies: Dead Rising (2nd one due soon) and both Left 4 Deads

    For utterly bonkers hatstand what the eff? Bayonetta (actually I think that's PS3 too)

    For Space Saga – Mass Effect 1 & 2 (3 may be out next year, more likely 2012)

    Scene It and Trivial Pursuits are also excellent and good group games.

    Does that help? 😉

  • Mark G

    I'm in the market for a new 360 as my old one decided to RRoD and cannot be salvaged. Your post prompted me to do some investigation:

    With the voucher from Microsoft Store you're actually paying £170, with £9.80 to be claimed back in 12 months time (assuming the voucher site is still in existence).
    From Amazon they're £190 but come with a 12 month subscription to XBOX Live, worth £31, and an HDMI cable, worth £3.
    From Argos they're £200 but with a three game bundle – Gears of War 2, PGR4, Fable 2 – worth approximately £15.
    From Game they're £210 but with a two game bundle – Forza 3 and Bioshock 2 – worth approximately £16.

    All things considered I'm inclined to go for the Amazon option. I appreciate this isn't what you asked, but thought it would be of interest.

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