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He waits… that's all he does

He waits… that's all he does

One of the worst things about dating is the eternal, oft-quoted cliche about how long you leave it before you call back, or they call you. Although of course in these digital times, you could also wait for a text, for them to text you, for an email or for them to email you.

Of course, the cold hard reality is that if you have to ask how long you leave it before you call/text/email someone, you’ve already lost the battle, if not the war.



  • Saturn

    Make the text. That way, if she likes it you’re in, if she doesn’t… well, what have you lost? The fact is if you’re after a girl who runs away just because you texted her, then she’s probably a mentalist (or rather, more of a mentalist than the rest of ’em) who should be avoided.

  • She is probably thinking exactly the same thing. Call; then you'll know.

  • I feel your pain. And I agree with The Carp.

    Good luck!

  • Shari

    Amen brother. Very astute and very sucky. I say make the call. I always make the call. But then again… I'm single.

  • From a girl: Just text her. Say you had a great time and hope to see her again. After that, it's her move to say something nice, like "me too! Now come upstairs and we'll make mad passionate coffee"…or whatever. 😉

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