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iTunes UK doesn't know it's in the UK

iTunes UK doesn't know it's in the UK

On the homepage of the iTunes UK store is a promo for William Shatner‘s celebrity playlist. Click on it, and I’m told that “the content is not available for the UK”.

Why on earth would I get that promo then? I’m looking at the iTunes UK homepage – therefore the content there should be aimed at a UK audience. What’s the point in advertising content that I can’t get?

It’s knee-jerk stupidity and thoughtlessness like that that really ruins the buying process, and severely tarnishes what I thought (up to now) was a great product that I actually might buy something from. And here I was going to make a post one day about how Flickr was one of the best websites I’d seen, purely because it apes the iTunes/iMac user interface by feel alone.



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