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  • But *clearly*, it's the sort of black what requires specialised talent to create it.

    (The logo is rather nice; it reminds me of the early "Farscape" logo, for some reason. It's not strongly reminiscient or anything, but it makes me think of it nonetheless.

  • I think by "background" they mean the yellowy orange bit. And I see what Dina means about the Farscape logo. Without looking at the link she's given, I think it's the font. One of the DVD sleeves had a similar red/yellow splashy background too, I'm sure.

  • The Doctor

    I think it's badly designed, it's not exactly eye catching now is it? You could easily walk past it if you were in a book or record shop and they had it on a display. It's also been designed as a logo and not as a major part of the title sequence, as the previous ones had been, it was a title first, logo second. It's been designed to look nice, but that's about it, it's far too boring to evoke any kind of emotion to it. When you see the diamond, the neon tube or even the McCoy era asteroid logos, they do evoke something, they catch your eye, but this is just too bland and corporate.

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