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Good and bad news for Asians in Battlestar Galactica

Good and bad news for Asians in Battlestar Galactica

yes, I know I’m very slow off the mark, but I’ve only just seen the Battlestar Galactica 2005 mini-series which leads onto a new TV series. Which reveals that the token Asian rookie pilot actually turns out to be the enemy within, a Cylon cyborg…

So on the other hand, yet another US sci-fi TV mini-series has the Asian as the rookie one, but at least she’s got something interesting to do. So that’s two steps forward, one step back.

But why oh why did she have to be the baddie? As if there isn’t enough white fear in the USA about the enemy within and all that…

Although no doubt some smart-alec will point out that it’s set in a world way beyond Earth, so their human society could be completely different.


  • Aw, Andy – post a SPOILER warning at least. Sheesh. I might have wanted to watch that in 2014 when Channel 4 finally got the rights.

  • Saturn

    How come the Cylons don't talk in that brilliant arcade-game type voice and walk around in those fetching foil / skirt combos? The new villains are rubbish – a kick in the tropics and they'll go down like anyone. Very poor.

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