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The belle of the ball?

The belle of the ball?

Thanks partly to my work on this website for Wales’ premiere soap opera (going on for thirty years, fact fans), I’ve been invited to a gala dinner.

Amusingly, the invitation says that “carriages” should be booked for 11.30pm – although I’ll probably be on my bike – and also that evening wear is required.

Now, being a new media kinda bloke for whom suits are pushing the boat out in terms of dressing up, the thought of having to don cumberbands, waistcoats and cravats is one that scarcely bears thinking about.

So what are the alternatives? And more importantly, where can I get hold of some by Sunday night?


  • T-shirt and jeans, fella. Well, that's what *I* wear of an evening.

  • would this be considered *fancy dress*? i would be of the same mind iain is concerning dressing up and if it were me, i would clean up my combat boots to a mirror-like shine and don a crisp pair of black jeans, with a nice shirt on top. i also may think about removing the leather cuffs and putting on myriad silver bangles.

  • Kripes-! Is that in Welsh? 🙂

    You could be like a horrid, tacky American and
    wear one of those t-shirts that has a tux printed
    on it. Or a lady's bosom printed on it. Or be like Parker and Stone (?), the South Park guys –
    and go in lady's evening wear.

  • Hire a kilt mate.

    The ladies love it.

  • So did you meet Cinderella or just a patch of pumpkins?

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