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How famous am I? ;)

How famous am I? ;)

There’s nothing like the inevitable UK Webloggers’ End Of Year Party 2004 to help you wonder whether you’ve made it into the blogerati – ie whether fellow bloggers know who you are or not 😉

Half of me is mischievoulsy thinking of setting up a Paypal “tip” jar to raise funds for the travel to London of said party, to show me just how unlikely it is that anyone there will have read this blog or vice-versa 😉

PS: Otherwise, head still down with megawork and a cold – so much so I’ll have to come in at the weekend despite wanting to play around with my “new” as-environmentally-friendly-as-you-can-get-for-£2000 car. Check this site on Monday.

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  • You've got a car?!
    I am now your sister in suffering with the L.A.
    bus system. Metro's pretty zippy, though…I think it was cleaner when you were here :/

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