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Is Wales still cool?

Is Wales still cool?

Must have been a slow news day, for BBC Wales News to ask people, Is Cymru still cool?

You can, of course, predict the kind of responses it got – knee-jerk patriotism / nationalism (without any real justification) coupled with a “I quite like my little box the way it is and don’t care what the world thinks” mentality. And of course, if you don’t like it, you can just get out. Not exactly the attitude I’d expect of a welcoming friendly people.

Most of the time, the respondents (quite a few of whom are outside of Wales) say they love Wales because of its natural features – but surely that’s merely an accident of geography, as opposed to anything to do with the Welsh per se?

Then again, I’ve never been one for joining a tribe, whether it’s via nationality, or religion. I just don’t see the point in patriotism or nationalism, for me.

I’d rather be “identified” for having done something, or known something rather than by accident of place of birth, or heritage. Except of course I’m doomed to hear the chours of Bruce Lee / Hong Kong Phooey chants from annoying little brats for the rest of my life.


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