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Blog block…

Blog block…

Just in case you’re wondering where I’ve been, I’ve been frozen by a dose of blog block-itis, for a variety of the following reasons:

– trying to decide where to spend my 15 days of leave between now and December.
– re-discovering computer games – specifically, Homeworld 2 and Civilisation 3
– not doing anything of any interest
– shedload of work at erm… work.

As a wise sage once said to me, stop transmitting and start receiving. The trouble being, I’m not sure that there’s anything to receive I haven’t already heard, aside from essentially lobomotizing myself.


  • A Civi fan? I thought I was alone in the universe! Time vanishes when I start that game.

    I get blog-itis as well, think it's part and parcel of blogging.

  • I didn't even think you were listening Andrew!

  • 15 days? You jammy bugger. I usually have about 10-12 days left by the time I reach December. I currently have 2 1/2 left as I've used the rest up doing courseworks and stuff.

    Give us yer holidays. Go on. You don't really want them.

  • Oh, I feel so sorry for you and
    your 15 days of leave…that's
    all I get for THE YEAR 😉

  • Dude, maybe you can help me figure out HW2. I've had that game sitting on my desk for over a year now, and it's driving me mad. I get to like the 3rd stage and i get lost in the madness. Its such a pretty game, i really wish I could get into it.

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