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I squrim at teen movies

I squrim at teen movies

My flatmate came back from holiday in Portugal, which has made the house seem full again.

Unfortunately, she elected to put on the DVD player a Swedish teenage lesbian melodrama, which was utterly predictable – and also totally emotionally squirmy. So much so, that I had to leave the room.

There was no “hot” lesbian action in the film – just two teenagers from different sides of the popularity tracks slowly fumbling towards their feelings for each other. But for some reason, the sheer emotional nudity on show – plus all that mawkish teenage sentiment really had me on edge. It’s been the same with pretty much all films with teenagers in a high school – even the comedies.

Why this is, I wouldn’t even like to begin to speculate. My childhood wasn’t terrible by any means – I’m still friends with a few of my childhood pals. I had a few embarassing moments, but haven’t we all…

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