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Lust for Arabs…

Lust for Arabs…

Apparently, there’s a LiveJourney survey to find the most lusty Arabs, male or female.

Amusingly, the first ones on the list nominated include Salma Hayek (Mexican, the last time I checked), Isabelle Adjani (French, surely?), Shakira (South American, surely?) and inevitably, the terrorist with a beard. Not so inevitable, is the fact there are least two votes for famed academic Edward Said.

It’d be interesting to see a “Lust for Asians” equivalent, but somehow I think the female portion would be drowned by Zhang Ziyi / Maggie Cheung nominations, and the male nominations would be rather few and far between. Although presumably not as few as the “Lust for Antarticans” thread.


  • Lord of Misrule

    To be fair, I gather Shakira is at least half Lebanese.

    BTW, I saw Hero last night. Daaaaamn…
    Zhang Ziyi v v hot, I agree.

    Some of the best sword-fighting scenes I've witnessed as well – and that's speaking as something of a connoisseur of celluloid swordplay.

    Love the blog, I should add.


  • Where the hell is the poll regarding most lusty Nova Scotians? Most lusty Arabs? Hmmmm….

    Marlo Thomas like 30 years ago?

    I got nothin'.

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