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Joining the 21st Century

Joining the 21st Century

After much ribbing from my normally technophobic friends about my old phone (something to do with Bluetooth), I’ve upgraded to a Nokia 7610. It lets me take megapixel images (no doubt I’ll bore you with sample images at a later date), play movies, make movies, and even make a phone call – although I haven’t actually called anyone on it yet. It also has a gorgeously lush screen and you can play MP3s – although oddly, you can’t connect a headset to it to listen to said MP3.

The only flaw I’ve found so far in it – aside from a slightly more burdensome user interface – is its inability to remind you about birthdays more than a year in advance. Something my old phone could do with aplomb.

If you haven’t yet had notification of my new telephone number, then please let me know!


  • I "upgraded" my phone a couple of months ago and, frankly, my new one's a load of shit. The keypad is clunky, the screen crap if it's not lit up and it takes twice as many presses of 50% more buttons to do the same thing my old phone did.

    The only thing going for it is that the battery life seems a lot better. I couldn't even give a toss about the colour screen (it's a *phone* for feck's sake) or the polyphonic ringtones.

  • i was excited about my new phone when i got it last year and even more excited to spend a miniscule fortune on a new cover (pink, natch) and still love it, although i'm not so in love with the fact it's so low-end that i can't get new ring tones for it! the ring tone i wanted?

    walk like an egyptian.

  • I'm still using my 6108 (,,28252,00.html): no camera (though I could buy it as an add on if I really wanted), but it's got an alarm clock, stylus-input PDA (the input screen is under the flip-out keypad) and a Chinese-English dictionary – which is all I want, really. I got it a year and a bit ago, and can't see any need to upgrade in the foreseeable future…

  • Hmm. Don't know why that link won't work. Anyway, go to and it's there on the 'select phone model' drop-down.

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