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Strike another ideal woman off the books…

Strike another ideal woman off the books…

Rumour (at least according to Gawker) has it that my favourite actress/character from Sex And The City, Cynthia Nixon will be coming out as a lesbian in the next day or so.

Which is just great. Not only am I attracted to (intelligent independent funny sexy attractive women who turn out to be) lesbians in my normal life, it appears that I’m attracted to them in my celebrity fantasy life too. Next thing I’ll find out that Angelina Jolie is bisexual or something. Fortunately, troubled diva’s list of lesbians in pop held no surprises – and more importantly, I don’t fancy any of those names. Although I’m surprised to see that Samantha Fox is still a lesbian.

Although, I can’t figure out if it’s Cynthia Nixon I fancy (nice hair, looks good in a black bra but way too thin) or her character Miranda Hobbes (sassy, non-squealy) I’d prefer.

Note (for libel lawyers) I’m not saying Ms. Nixon is a lesbian. I’m saying that Gawker is saying she might be one. That’s sorted. Now I’m going to lie down in a dark room and not emerge till Sunday.


  • My boyfriend fancies Cynthia Nixon (or, at least, he fancies "Miranda") – and he's a 100% pink-blooded homosexualist. I now find myself wondering whether he'll fancy her more or less if she's a lesbian. Ah me, the myriad complications of modern-day sexual mores…

  • Was Sam Fox ever actually declared as a carpet-licker? Or is that just someone's sick fantasy that's filtered through into the real world?

    Mind, I'd watch.

  • My gay-dar is in pieces.

  • Saturn

    That ginger off SEX is obviously a lesbian. Especially if she denies it. You need to invest in a new gaydar.

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