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How do I look?

How do I look?

You may remember that a while ago, a professional photographer took pics of me for a work newsletter.

I finally got the pics back, and I figure it’s probably about time to update my “what I look like” image for the Internet. So, dear readers, let’s get interactive and tell me which of these images you like the best. Or not, if I’m beyond redemption.


  • i vote for numbers 2 or 10, hands down and no mistake. love the shaved-head look of ten! =)


  • I cant believe image isnt imagemapped or done in flash linked to an accurate vote displayed in graph form.

    7 is good on the cheesometer though.

    This photographer chap … i think he needs some more education.

  • Number one is *incredibly* "Sunday Magazine"-ish. In a good way. I think. You look a right hard bastard in number 10. 9's cool cos it's got a doggy in it.

  • 6,9,10 & 11 🙂

  • Sheff

    Who said there were no Gay Chinese men in Cardiff…?

    Only messing. 1-4 all look like they came out of the Sunday Times magazine. In fact, a Cotton Traders (or similar) catalogue that fell out of the Sunday Times magazine.

    10 is brilliant. Stick a copy of that pic to your new bike (if you get one) and you won't even need to lock it as no small-time Cardiff criminal would dare to mess with the bike of that hard mo-fo!

  • 3, 4, 7, 12 I reckon

  • i like 3 and 10

  • 1, 4, and 12 (10 makes you look like a bad ass mo fo)

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