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Bloody Star Wars…

Bloody Star Wars…

Ever since the news about Star Wars trilogy being released on DVD, people around me have been excitedly chattering about the boxset, how soon they’re going to get it, and of course whether I’m going to get it. To which I say “No way! Star Wars is terrible!”

Well, it is. It’s a cornerstone of 20th Century pop culture, to be sure, but it’s so everywhere that there’s no real need to spend seven hours watching a predictable “good will prevail” saga, which has dubious overtones in the 21st Century (Empire = USA, Rebels = Al Qaeda, anyone?). It’s OK in its’ own right as a derring-do adventure, but it’s not particularly exciting or thrilling especially 20 years on.

To be fair, this is probably because I’m just too young. I saw Empire Strikes Back at the tender age of 9, it was the first film I went to by myself. I had no idea what was going on, and when the screening had an intermission, I just assumed the film was over, and went home.

So I’ve been saying for ages that i’m not going to get the DVD, partly just to rebel against all the imperialist hype all around me.

Unfortunately, I read the Star Wars supplement that came with Empire Magazine. And it is a genuinely fascinating piece of journalism, which finds something new to say and reveal about a set of films that have been analysed to death. (Gawd knows how Anthony Daniels can live with himself trotting out the same ol’ anecdotes time and time again). And now, shamefully, I’m considering eating humble pie and getting/borrowing the DVD boxset. Particularly so I can give my new subwoofer a good thrashing.


  • I'm avoiding it because I preferred the original releases before they added all the digital crappery. Some of it's OK, but other bits are just awful.

    Greedo shooting first – wrong. Jabba in the first film – very badly added in. Ewok song changing – bad. Putting Hayden Christiansen's face in as Darth at the end of RotJ – annoying due to the subsequent films being a load of rotting dog cock and him being one of the worst things about them.

    While I appreciate that the copyright, story etc belong to Mr Lucas, he has to appreciate that if it wasn't for people liking them how they used to be he'd not be so bloody stinking rich now.

    Artistic integrity aside, go for the big bucks and release the original ones as well, like they did with those video box sets. Let the punters decide, and the fanboys buy both of them.

    After all, it's not like he's averse to making decisions for purely commercial reasons. How else do you explain the Ewoks and Jar-Jar?

  • I bought the videos when they were released – as well as the digitally remastered videos a couple of years later.
    Now I'm looking forward to returning to work so that I can indulge in "unecessary expenditure" like the DVD box set.
    Sad, but true, Star Wars is as much a part of my childhood as The Smiths, The Breakfast Club and the colour black!
    Go on – indulge yourself – and your subwoofer!!

  • Or you could go further back in history with the British Empire set against the American Rebels….or the Romans…..blah blah blah.

    Being the true geek girl, that I am, I LOVE StarWars and worship Mr Lucas. Don't care what fiddling he does with it, throughly enjoyed the newer episodes 1/2 and don't diss the ewoks! i take them for what they are – enjoyable tosh 🙂

  • Saturn

    I had to send my box-set back because of some huge batch-fault (same thing happened with the laserdiscs coincedentally). Anyway, I like Star Wars, and anyone else who doesn't like them is… well, plain wrong 😉 I watched the Original originals fairly recently and they're not so massively fantastic or 'hard core' in comparison to the Special Editions. The Greedo thing is hardly important, adding Jabba was admittedly an embarassment (they've re-done that again in the new version), and the changes to Empire were a mixed bag (why they chose to insert unused shots from the start of ROTJ near the end of Empire is quite beyond me). I concede that the new music at the end of ROTJ is rubbish.
    But overall I think the special editions were just fixing some bits which, in the original, looked pretty shonky.

    Also if you were a real SW geek you'd know there was bog-all new in that Empire supplement, and the idea of that tired PR-fest of a magazine containing anything even closely resembling good journalism is absurd (however if it's talked you into buying the trilogy, then hooray for PR!) Empire gave that up a long time ago, in a time far far away…

  • Saturn

    'Thrashing the subwoofer' eh? Never heard it called that before…

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