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How can anyone love cooking for a living?

How can anyone love cooking for a living?

Meg, the person behind Pyra (the company behind Blogger) and Kinja, has decided to pack it all in … to become a chef because she wants to “follow (her) heart”.

Having spent a lot of time in a kitchen (admittedly a Chinese takeaway as opposed to some fancy froo-froo 5-star restaurant) involved in industrial cooking, and providing meals to baying customers who just want to pick up their meals and go, I cannot for the life of me see why anyone would want to do this. And I never even really worked in the kitchen!

There’s no creativity, the customers are uniformally rude, the working conditions are awful to say the least (hot! hot! hot!) and as for your chances of eyeing up the cute waitress and getting her phone number, forget it. You’re probably too busy sweating and running from fridge to cooker to fryer to table.

The kicker is when Meg says “I … got to work peeling and deveining shrimp. Seven hours later, sweatily scrubbing the kitchen floors, I was still smiling.”

If I told my mum, my sister or anyone else in the takeaway that a CEO of a major company was smiling while she removed the poop chute off prawns for people to eat later, they would look at me totally amazed and befuddled.

If they knew of the phenonmenon known as dotcom burnout, they might nod knowingly, but they’re far more likely to shout in Chinese “When I was your age I was walking up and down hills all day to fetch a pail of water for you to drink. You sit in an air-conditioned office all day not moving at all, and you say it makes you so tired you want to do something else? Pah! (euphemism and other Chinese equivalents of Pshaw! I couldn’t possibly translate)”

Having said all this, I love cooking. But for myself or some friends, when there’s no time or pressure, for people who will appreciate it. Not in a hot steamy kitchen for 8 hours, doing it to order. Where’s my muse then?

Still, good luck to Meg. Wish I had the courage/finances/talent to actually try and do what I want to do. But I imagine the post of Mr. Angelina Jolie is already well filled.

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  • With all due repect, and you know where I am from, Chinese takeaway is *not* cooking. It's just a production line of making nutritional supplement for the masses. May be I too am scrumbling to the dotcom burnout but every now and then (especially after watching Cook's Tour on Food Network) I consider jacking it all in and be a trained chief as well! Sure it will be hardwork, lots of sweating, lots of burning, lots of cutting myself, and longggg hours, but *creating* food that people come especially to sample is what make cooking fun.

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