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The Welsh Development Agency are useless incompetent spamming idiots

The Welsh Development Agency are useless incompetent spamming idiots

The Welsh Development Agency (one of those useless quangos which gets lots of taxpayers’ money which could be more usefully spent protecting my bike or trying to instill some lessons into Cardiff chavs or Goldie Looking Chain fans) sent me a nice email saying that I’d registered an interest in Llwybro-Routes.

In fact, I’ve done no such thing. Especially since Llwybro-Routes is all about “helping young people to stay in or return to their communities” – and I’m still trying to get out of Wales!

Between this and recent incidents with Welsh production companies who seem to have no idea about copyright legislation, or even how to answer the phone in a civil manner, I’m starting to think that the English perception of Wales may have some truth.


  • Sorry you consider us spamming idiots, particularly when actually you registered for the project in April 2002. If you have no recollection of this, it maybe that someone else registered your details as a joke. Either way I have now removed your details from our database and you will not be troubled again.

    Anyway, links back to the site are always appreciated.

    Intersting site by the way.

  • Its nice to see they haven't denied that they are a useless quango which gets lots of taxpayers' money and are incompetent… πŸ˜€

  • You'll be glad to hear the WDA has been abolished anyway from April 2006.

    I'm not bothered what you think of the WDA in general or even Goldie Lookin' Chain for that matter, just bothered to be called a spammer when I put in a lot of effort to avoid exactly that as I hate spam myself.

    I shall now cease wasting taxpayers money spending my morning posting on a website and get on with some work πŸ˜‰

  • Josie

    Ah well maybe they should adopt the same procedure as any decent newsletter etc. by getting you to confirm that you have shown an interest by sending an email in reply to them.
    I have the same problem with WDA, only in paper form (and since it's always bilingual it's an even bigger waste of resources, and I've had 3 identical ones this year, plus others). For some reason they seem to think that myself and all other students wish to set up their own hairdressing or nanny businesses.
    Precisely why I'm doing a PhD in molecular biology!. They could at least try and target the right people (and they come to my uni address so it's not like they don't know what I do). The thing that gets me about all these quangos is they never seem to tell you what they can do for you, and if they do it seems pityful really. Have you seen the adverts for grants for learning (I'm sure that's WDA aswell). telling you how you can get £200 to help you train? great, that'll possibly pay bus fares for a few months.
    It's time they abolished stupid adverts and unnecessary jobs (finally they've seen sense)and put the money towards giving people substantial grants that might actually enable them to afford to study.
    I live right next to a huge WDA office building which appears practically unused but has had what I can only imagine is a fortune spent on it "doing it up". It looks an absolute mess and again I have to ask, why hasn't the money been spent on something useful.

  • Having been given a GLC album last night for my commute home I sprayed my takeaway cappucino over the carriage when the first of their hilarious rhymes happened.

    Very funny indeed. Good luck to them for doing it. It's not 'rap' it's satire about a lot of things including of course themselves

    So don't worry about GLC fans, some of them are 40+ journos who recognise good writing! I'd give them all a job.

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