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We're all doomed! Doomed, I tell ya!

We're all doomed! Doomed, I tell ya!

We’ve got global warming (even Blair thinks it’s a problem), but what really worries people enough to get them demonstrating? Higher petrol prices, and not being allowed to kill animals.

On the plus side, if 5 hunting protestors can run into Parliament (presumably unfit since they sit on their horse all day letting the foxes [sorry, hounds] do the killing), then there can’t be that many terrorists. Which is nice.

No wonder we have a terrible political process, where nothing happens even while hurricanes in North America threaten to kill 50,000 New Orleans people and affect the British weather.

Time to despair. Then say sod it to human society and at least 10 years of trying to live life relatively environmentally-friendly, buy a car and drive to the gym (but I’ll still buy recycled paper and wind-powered electricity), before the zombies start attacking us all. Bloody NASA.


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