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Cardiff – the home of stolen bikes

Cardiff – the home of stolen bikes

You’ll never guess. My bike’s been stolen. From inside the communal garage. Again. This is the fifth bike to have disappeared from my hands since I first arrived in Cardiff 32 months ago.

This last bike I bought (second-hand) after my last bike also disappeared from the locked garage. I’d put a new saddle, new brakes, and paniers for it.

Tonight, I went down to check it out and some thieving Goldie Looking Chain fan had obviously seen fit to spend time stepping into the communal garage, and methodically take out the back wheel and saddle. They’d have stolen the whole thing, I imagine, but the front wheel was locked to a pole.

Why?! What on earth is some thieving chav going to do with a saddle and a back wheel? Mono-cycle to their next fences market?

Plus, I presume they got into the communal garage because my stupid Alzheimer-ridden elderly neighbours forgot to close the garage door behind them after driving their Porsches and Mercedes to the local benefit office to draw their bloody pension.

My fourth bike also disappeared from the garage, but I hadn’t locked it to anything under the erroneous assumption that a closed and lockd garage door is protection enough. My third bike disappeared on New Years Eve.

My second bike disappeared from the communal hallway while I was on holiday. But I’d stupidly assumed that people would close the door behind them. My first Cardiff bike – woah, there’s a story in itself. Involving cheeky thieves, lamposts, a hacksaw, and the local pub.

Why, cardiff? Why? Doesn’t Cardiff have enough bad press for crime and thieving as it is? I’d be safer in sodding Brixton or Toxteth.


  • NOOOOO! Not again…!

    I can't believe the miscreants took
    your wheel, when you had it chained
    inside a closed and locked garage…!

    Give the wealthy biddies the bill, I

    Back in TX, somebody once stole the wheel
    off my car. Not the tire – the whole
    wheel! It was sitting outside on its axel.
    Who the hell would want a 1983 Zephyr wheel?!

  • Rhodri Nwdls

    I've had two of the bastards stolen. One from Mount Stuart Square, and the other from outside Capitol centre (though I had left the second one overnight after forgetting about it when I was pissed…). Got myself a huge motorbike lock now. Luverly.

  • Raymond Antell

    I had two bikes stolen from my locked and extra ground anchor locked garage. One was a DAWES Giro 400.(road bike) The other was a Ridgeback (mtb) Although I noted the number of the Dawes, I cant find it!

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