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Is it because I is not white?

Is it because I is not white?

A work colleague has asked me if I’d pose for a photograph and provide a short audio sample for a “match the face to the voice” quiz she’s doing.

However, I’m presuming she didn’t ask me because of my attractiveness, smouldering screen presence, or my dead-posh English accent – but simply that she wanted to present a more diverse face on the website (good intentions), and asked me.

Despite being a wannabe screen slut (with the slight problem that I have absolutely none of the pre-requisites required to be one), I resent being asked to do something just because I happen to be non-white (plus the department having precisely one non-“white” face in it. Mine.).

Does this make me an arsy idiot for questioning her motives? She’s made the request in good faith with the best of intentions. It can be argued that if I did, then the current crop of Chinese-Welsh kids may jump and squeal in delight at seeing one of their bretheren on a website.

I’m not being arrogant by the way. My cousins literally followed the career of a Chinese dancer who they’d occasionally spot on Top of The Pops. Yes, that’s how bad it got. Strange, however, that I turned out to be the media-obsessive one while they’re all working as management consultants in London or Tokyo, but I digress…

In other words, should I just swallow my misgivings and do it?

(At the risk of seemingly being even more obsessed with diversity/racism than I am usually – forgive me! The woeful tales about dating and embarassing myself will return when I can actually get a sodding date somewhere in the world. Or a life. Or get off the sofa)


  • Get over the date thing. It’s so boring. Your complete all consuming preoccupation with it makes you desperate and unattractive. Get over your sodding race paranoia, it’s yours alone, nobody else shares it. It is completely in your head. And displays your own obsessive self-importance and hyper paranoic shallow self-awareness. For all your practised self-effacing by now automatic performances, you are truly the most self-obsessed, narcissistic, spoilt person I have ever met, and that is really saying something. What's worse Wong is that you've lost your sense of humour along the way. Almost witty? Way off course.

  • What the…?


    Anyway, I say do it! It'll be fun.
    But I don't blame you for slight resentment
    at being the token exotic person. And not
    the token-Asian-chick-everyone-wants-to-have
    sex-with exotic person.

  • my goodness, the vitrol from the last comment is searing my eyeballs.

    jump in with both feet and give it a go, man!

  • i meant that first post, not the last one, from H, not pisser.

  • As Nike, the god of atheltic footware, would say "Just do it".

    There is a StarTrek parable that comes to mind – excuse me if A you've heard it before or B you don't like StarTrek (an unthinkable thought). Nickelle Nichols, Uhura, considered quitting her role on the bridge of the original Enterprise as her character didn't seem to be growing and was just a glorified telephonist ("Putting you through, Captain", etc). But, it was Martin Luther King who convienced her to stay because just having her present on the bridge and interacting on par with her white (and Vulcan) crew mates was making enough of a statement. And who far we have come with Hoshi.

    Here endth the lesson from da white chick in the corner.

  • But that was, what, 40 years ago? Grrr… and at least Sulu had interesting moments back then. Yes, how far it's gone with Hoshi. Mind you, note that Ensign Kim had a (quite attractive, of course, it being Hollywood) white girlfriend in Voyager, in reference to your earlier point about Asian/non-Asian relationships!

  • I share in your inability to get a date! And as far as the racial thing goes, I say go for it! My roommate sophomore year in college was always the "token black chick" at my predominantly white college.

  • That American Chic

    H, get over yourself! You talk about how he's self-absorbed, well take a look in the mirror! Being a lesbian doesn't give you the right to act like your own friend’s feelings don't matter because he’s a man. What kind of a friend are you? It's all about you and your woes. Poor poor you and your whole world? No one should care about anyone else’s problems except for yours, right? You’re a hypocritically feminist and a horrible friend.

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