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FourSquare in the UK – finally there’s a use. Oh.

FourSquare in the UK – finally there’s a use. Oh.

Like many people who use FourSquare, I often wonder if there’s actually any point to checking in to a location, aside from point scoring and the fact I’m usually bored at a bus stop.

American friends of mine tell of strange legends whereby if you show you’re a Mayor at certain locations, the staff there look kindly upon you and give you a bonus. But I thought that’d never come here.

Until I heard that the West12 Shopping Centre in Shepherds Bush is offering a free SuperShake to the Mayor of that location in any one week. They’re incredibly active on the social media front, what with having a Twitter feed and a Facebook page.

Unfortunately, social media can only go so far. The reality of the West12 Shopping Centre is that it was a slightly dowdy and dying shopping mall even before the heavy big-guns of Westfield moved in opposite. There’s a gym, a supermarket, a cinema and a pub but most of the units are to let and there’s nothing there to draw people in aside from for the basic needs of the week.

So how are companies in the UK actually using FourSquare? Or is it doomed to go the way of the even more pointless Twitter game Spymaster, which at one point everyone seemed to be playing until they all realised it was useless and had no end goal?


  • I got tee'd off with FourSquare as it's filled with duplicates. Often I'd go to the cinema and wonder which one of the three Cineworlds in Glasgow I was supposed to be in (I was using the web-based version, not the app with GPS). It took so long to get things rectified. Flakey.

  • Hum. No idea if my OpenID-logged-in comment made it here…

  • There have been a few examples of this here in Cardiff, most notably from Chapter Arts. I've seen a few bars doing it too.

    I agree though, I find FourSquare (and Gowalla) rather pointless. But then I thought the same thing about Twitter, so I'm reluctant to shout this too loudly.

  • I'm loving FourSquare!
    I just wish I could see the checkins from my friends on your side of the pond-for me they just show as being "off the grid" when any of you check in somewhere.

    I'm the mayor of my local, and any time I go in, as long as I'm still the mayor, I get a free pint.
    My friend Ryan is the mayor of his local Starbucks, and they give him a free coffee once a week for being so.

    At ComicCon if you checked in (which was difficult due to the mobil network being crap thru most of the convention center) you got an exclusive badge, and special swag from the DC comics booth.
    When I checked in at a local theater, and tagged that I was seeing Exit Thru the Gift Shop, there was a special Banksky badge, and you got a push telling you where a new Banksy piece was.

    Maybe L.A. is a swag city, so businesses here feel like they have to reward users?

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