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I hate jumpy videos

I hate jumpy videos

An evil former friend just casually sent me this evil excuse of a video. Which is one of those seemingly innocent videos which is in fact designed to deliver a fatal heart attack to jumpy people such as myself. The last time someone sent me a video like that I jumped and screamed. In the office.

Since I watched that cursed video (this has nothing on The Ring), I haven’t been able to sleep (partly because of the chavs in the street outside having a shouting blistering argument till 3am). And then my dreams become nightmares in which machines are out to destroy humanity, and we’re just hiding in a big tent. Throwing grenades at the machines. Who just keep coming. And coming. And coming.

I hate those videos.

And I dread to think what’d happen if that advert came on when I was casually watching TV one evening…


  • Bejingo blimey! I nearly lost a gland.

  • I can't look…way, WAY too high-strung.
    I'll hit the ceiling, I swear.

    I feel for you, Jumpy. What were the yelling eejits saying? I am traumatized by yelling >:P

  • Seen it before. And it seems I will soon lose my screaming chavs. With any luck someone *nice* will buy their house. The advantage of the prices going sky high is that council estate scum like them shouldn't be able to afford the new asking price.

    As for jumpiness, I was in the office 2 weeks ago and needed to ask our helpdesk chap a question. I chapped on the doorframe and walked in as he was staringintently at something on his screen. I bent over next to him to ask what he was doing.

    I got as far as "What" when he powered sideways into the wall, screaming "JESUS FUCKING CHRIST!!!! FUCK ME PINK!!! FUCK!!!"

    I think I startled him.

  • "Eh…have we got a video?" 😉

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