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My other life…

My other life…

Most of the time, I play the role of being a moderately successful web professional. I have a job, and I have my evenings free to do whatever my sordid life requires. The washing-up mainly.

However, this holiday weekend I was back to my other life, and how life could have been. Working within marketing, sales, and customer relations.

Yes, I was manning the counter at my parents’ Chinese takeaway. The Bank Holiday tends to be the busiest time of year, so it’s all hands to the wok at that point. Except for two of my sisters, who cried off for various reasons.

And this Saturday was total bedlam. Customers streaming in, demanding that their six-people meal be done in 15 minutes, that kind of thing. Unfortunately, we very quickly got overwhelmed and some people ended up waiting 90 minutes for their order before demanding their money back. One has to admire them for being that patient to begin with.

Having said that, it’s not a great deal of fun for me to spend my holiday weekend (and Gawd knows I need a holiday from my life… wonder if Recall Industries are still going) being shouted at by tourists who are understandably infuriated that they’re not getting their £20 of top quality Chinese cuisine. And all the cooks will tell me is “10 minutes! 10 minutes!”. So they weren’t coping too well either. Fortunately, my nascent stand-up comedy skills stood me in good stead and the threats and moans didn’t really come in until 60 minutes – whereas normally it would have been 45 minutes.

So the next time you order Chinese food at a busy time (like the Saturday of a Bank Holiday) – please be nice when the staff can’t give you your food when you wanted. Or if you need it ASAP and it’s not coming, please politely ask for your money back, as opposed to demanding it back as if we’ve already run off and spent it behind your back.

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  • kickass kungfu girl

    you forgot to mention the other aspect of your job in your other life – that of middle manager. there you are, stuck behind the counter, haplessly fielding impatient customers and hassling cooks with cleavers – that's no joke. commiserations couchdumpling, you have painted a picture of extreme saditude, with extra monosodium glutamate on the side.
    your sisters have somehow escaped the traditional asian girl nightmare of family duty – they must have had cast-iron excuses. did their legs fall off?
    consider the confucian ideal of filial piety however and i'm sure all traces of your sorrow will fall away. just think of all that lovely karma you will have accquired. surely your venerable father will bless you with the present of a succulent deep fried shanghai bride.
    and then she can do your stint in the family business for you, leaving you more time for the washing up

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