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Random musings from London

Random musings from London

– a London Underground sign about delays on the Central Line because there was a person under the tracks. Then apologising for the delays. No, we won’t apologise for the total lack of safety guards on suicidal people (because there are lots!) …

– nothing says tourist more than a man trying to walk around London dressed in a summer T-shirt and khakis when it’s chucking it down outside. Although I of course maintain it’s a lot easier to dry light clothing than thick clothing.

– Sushi. Yum yum yum.

– The Apogee in Leicester Square is my new favourite spot for coffee and cakes. Even if it is bloody expensive, it has the great feel of a Mediterranean cafe without the pollution fumes that accompany most of the outdoor cafes in central London. It even has a shelter. Perfect rendezvous point. If you’re rich.

– It’s still the kind of city where you need to make plans at least two years in advance (which doesn’t suit my last-milisecond lifestyle) but it’s still a damn good place to be in.

– I definitely need new shoes that are comfortable to walk in, and that can take a bit of a battering. My last two shoe purchases have been woeful in that regard. Any suggestions?

– Why are hotel beds so hard and great?

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  • I would love to go to London someday. I've been hanging out in the US for WAY too long! And not even in the INTERESTING parts of the US. Sigh.

    And as far as comfy shoe suggestions go, I'm a sneaker-gal (I guess you call 'em "trainers" over there… same difference). Adidas is a pretty durable brand. All mine have held up pretty decently.

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