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Meet the bottom from Kill Bill 2…

Meet the bottom from Kill Bill 2…

The Pissed Kitty has revealed that she was Uma Thurman’s bottom in Kill Bill 2. Which is a very good thing. Better than being her damned ugly feet in Kill Bill 1.

Remind me to blog sometime about my movie extra experience on Rogue Trader, and the shock of seeing my moon-like face magnified 40x in the trailer at the Camden Odeon while half-pissed, and eagerly awaiting The Matrix.


  • What about that King Arthur movie you
    worked on…?

    Know what? I'll bet you they weren't
    her feet. Did I tell you QT also had
    a guy (his 1st AD) and a larger woman
    (his driver) also do the butt thing?
    Just for shits 'n giggles, and probably
    to scare Uma…"that's not MY butt?! It's
    a MAN, baby…!" Maybe this is an ongoing
    ploy…hence the man-feet 🙂

  • Hehe – Andy worked on First Knight. He's partly to blame for it… 🙂

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