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Bloody bots everywhere…

Bloody bots everywhere…

Right now, I’m in a major mood for introspective chat, the meaning of life and maybe, maybe, a way out of my particular pickle. And it’s a huge Judge of a pickle with a four-storey sign marked Pickle.

However, last night, my Instant Messenger kept chirruping with various ladies who want to cybersex with me, and turn out to be from (Not Safe For Work) and want to hood-wink me into handing over my precious credit card details.

And just now at work, someone IM’ed me and asked “Holy greetings to you in the name of the lord and Savior Jesus christ can i chat with you ?”. Wondering how long before he says my sins can be salvaged by handing him my credit card details.

And people say we just don’t communicate with each other any more.


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