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Full-blooded drunken harmony singing and sighing at a stag night

Full-blooded drunken harmony singing and sighing at a stag night

Just stumbled back from a friend’s stag night in Liverpool. Said friend is a member of a Welsh choir. Here are some vague memories from the pics becuase my brain is still too fried to analyze it too much (I am way too old, cynical, and serious to go drinking and clubbing, especially while wearing silly costumes. It just doesn’t mix. I’ll stick to drinking and slumping cynically in the corner somewher watching the young frilly things ignore me)

– The Welsh choir took many opportunities to burst into song. Sitting in a pub on Matthew Street (where the Beatles played at the Cavern Club. Oh the ignominity of it all). While all dressed in historical costumes. Two of them were dressed as Sergeant Pepper types. I tried for a bit of relative decorum as Bugsy Malone, but that didn’t help much. Neither did the shoes.

– More community choir singing outside a cashpoint. For goodness’ sake.

– Getting totally lost in Liverpool, and chartering a taxi to take us to our hotel. Only for it to take us to a street we’d just walked past. Of course, being a Liverpool taxi and the three of us being obviously pissed, he took us round the very long way… I didn’t think we were that drunk…

– The tour of Liverpool in a yellow duckmarine comes highly recommended. Even if the tour guide gives the impression that Liverpool has the world’s biggest everything. It does have the amazing Liverpool Metropolitican Cathedral. As well as some very very silly high-art sculptures. I’m still a bit annoyed I never made it to the Beatles Story.

However, Liverpool did feel a lot like Cardiff – a city searching for a reason, and living on its laurels in the meantime. But at least Liverpool has laurels!

– I used to live in Liverpool – hell, I was born on the other side of the Mersey. So it was a bit of a trip down memory lane and tunnels – tunnels and roads that I thought were huge at the tender age of 5.

– LaserQuest rocks. The end. Bowling, however, doesn’t after three rounds where you’re continually losing. My bowling technique, however, is what I should be doing on the dance floor.

– Considering all the good comedians are at the Edinburgh Festival, I thought the comedy would be terrible. Fortunatley, the Rawhide Comedy Club proved me wrong.

Someone still needs to show me how to have a good time and smile in a nightclub. Or maybe I’ve just lost it.

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