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Only in San Francisco…

Only in San Francisco…

would you get so many new ways to describe people’s sexualities. Forget homosexual, dyke, queer, gay – oh no. New ones apparently include boydyke, trannyboy, trannyfag, multigendered, queerboi, transboi, half-dyke, stem (what on earth does that mean ?!), omnisexual, Heteroflexible, hasbian…

Aside from the ridiculous spellings – I mean, boi! What’s wrong with a nice y at the end of a word? – it just seems rather silly for elements of a minority, gaining mainstream acceptance, to want to ghettoize themselves even more with narrower and narrower definitions. Unless of course, they’re all just having a royal pisstake at the expense of bored BBC News readers. And no-one actually uses these terms on the streets of glorious San Francisco. There’s probably a comedy sketch somewhere in ten sweating writers in a dark room somewhere, desperately trying to think of a new term to use.

I once met a flatmate of a friend of a friend in San Francisco, who I initially assumed was a short gay man. It eventually transpired that said flatmate was born a girl and came out as a lesbian at her high school prom. But that wasn’t enough, changed her sex (as yer do) to be male, and then decided to date men once she was a man. That San Francisco non-heterosexual (damn, just coined another one!) support structure must be a damn good support structure! Or a ghetto… Although I still want to live there…

Of course, they still haven’t invented a term for a heterosexual (or if you must, homofriendly) who seems to be surrounded by lesbians. Or is that just frustrated?


  • dude, what about crushing on straight gurls? that's a huge thing over here at the villa…and i think, maybe just as frustrating as a homofriendly (love the wordage!) man surrounded by lesbians.

  • How about just, "I'm confused?"
    -Captain Heteroflexibility

  • I think I'm with Pisser on this one… well not "with"-with in a "polysexual" kind of way. Oh, whatever. Pisser's hot. Heteroflexibility all the way! Wheee! 😉

    And I know a surprising number of hasbians. Weird.

  • What's a hasbian? And hetero-flexible? Someone who does Yoga?

  • "heterosexual (or if you must, homofriendly) who seems to be surrounded by lesbians"

    I think the phrase you're looking for is "Little Dutch Boy".

    As in, never far from a Dyke.

    I also present for consideration the rather lovely "Revolving Doors".

    As in "Out, in again, out again, in again, out again…"

  • dunno – how 'bout a "lez-hag" or "dyke-hag"?

  • A Bay Arean

    Quit bashing the Bay Area, asshole! Those terms were not made up by "ten sweating writers in a dark room somewhere," but instead made up by one of those San Franciscophobes who needs to make up things about San Francisco so that he/she can whine about it!

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