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Prozac everywhere, not a drop to drink…

Prozac everywhere, not a drop to drink…

BBC NEWS | Prozac ‘found in drinking water’. Great. Prozac is everywhere in the water, and the blasted doctors still won’t give me any. Time to start drinking more drinking water! (Thanks to H for pointing this one out.)


  • i worked with a woman once in connecticut who was a big proponenent of adding prozac to the drinking water. i think it would have done her a world of good. =)

  • Really? You can't get any…?

    Maybe next time you're in America, you should try going to a doctor here. All you practically have to do is sneeze, and you'll get a prescription. (Luckily, mine said to try a B-vitamin and calcium first, and it seems to be helping.)

    Just make sure they don't give you that Enzyte crap by mistake.

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