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Nadia, Big Brother and all that…

Nadia, Big Brother and all that…

Well, if press reports are correct, then Nadia, a non-English trans-sexual will be the fifth person to win Big Brother. Joining a gormless Scouser, a gay air steward, a blonde Arsenal fan and someone we’ve all forgotten about. So the only “minorities” who haven’t won Big Brother will be a gay man and a non-white person.

This year, I totally forgot to follow Big Brother to any great detail, at least until my new flatmate showed up and put it on every night this week without fail. So I’m vaguely up to speed as to what’s happening now, but can someone tell me just why the nation appears to have fallen for Nadia?

And if you ever wondered what a topless woman-who-used-to-be-a-man looks like, wonder no more. Who said Big Brother was more than just bottoms and naked chests?


  • I'm worried. S/he looks really cute in the picture at the top of that page you linked to. Eek.

  • Saturn's Rings

    Incorrect assertion there… The gay steward WAS a gay man! You obviously haven't been paying attention, shame on you. If that hideous beast Nadia wins then I'm giving up on BB forever. At least until next year.

  • kady melsom

    i think bb was great i am 13 called kady melsom if there is a bb kids can i go on please and if u conld ring nadia and ask if i could meet her please email me back then take in mind the kids bb as well bye

  • Nadia was born a transsexual female, not a male, she was not a man, men don't become women, a man is a man, a woman is a woman and a transsexual woman is a transsexual woman be they pre opr post op (which for most Transsexuals is a matter of how much money they've got seeing as the NHS treats them like Sh!t). I think it's great she went on the show and didn't make a big thin of the fact that she was a transsexual, shame others can't do the same.

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