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The end of the world is nigh…

The end of the world is nigh…

The Pissed Kitty has posted up her signs that the apocalypse is nigh. Charmingly, apparently in Los Angeles hetero-anal is in, as is being bisexual. Well, I thought it was cool only for women anyway.

However, us UK’ers have been experiencing our own vision of the apocalypse lately, with Summer storms across the UK. Naturally, since a storm would actually constitute an interesting weather phenomenon, it didn’t come anywhere near Cardiff. Although it’s been incredibly hot and muggy, and we’re all resorting to electric fans.

In my younger days, I’d visit the United States very often. (Ahhh, when Clinton was in power…) While there for the odd summer week, I’d always be mildly impressed and amazed at the wall of heat everywhere, from Seattle to Louisiana, from sea to scolding sea. And the ubiquituous whirring sound of electric fans and air conditioning, which would whir all through the night. I’d lie in my bed, listening to that white static noise, and think “Only In America”, a land where everyone drives in their air-conditioned car to the corner store down the round for a pint of milk.

Ten years later, I’m repeating my own little piece of Americana, and the white noise is now constantly by my head. That is, unless said lesbians have swiped the sole electric fan for themselves.

Fortunately, I still don’t have a car so I haven’t abandoned all my environmental principles. (Plus my electricity is all green). But I’m wondering how long my environmental ideals can hold out against the need to drive down the block with my top down, pulling them crazy Cardiff chicks.


  • I thought the Yanks bought milk in quarts, not pints? 😉

    We've not had storms either. It's rained in Bradford, but not that heavily. Short trip over to York though and it's been tanking down. Not as bad as London though. 30 degree temperatures one day to car-covering floods the next. Blimey.

  • I am so impressed with your environmentalism.
    I signed up for "green power", but that was before I got the $100 gas bill >:P

    Hey! Maybe the fan will drown out the sounds of lesbians mating…!

  • oswald clink

    hasnt hetero-anal has always been in? i've been a fan for a long time, and my girlfriend seems to like it too. its not for everyone though.

  • Oswald – your girlfriend is lying!

    It should definitely be reserved for
    "special occasions", or the very drunk…
    trust me.

  • Oswald Clink

    oh yeah i agree. but she's not lying. it's an occasional treat – once you realise it's just another part of the body and get over any squeamishness you can relax and enjoy.

  • Bear in mind, Oswald, I know you're from work. It's only a matter of time before I get to the bottom of this 😉

  • oswald clink

    doubtful. you dont know me very well. anyway, any or all of what i wrote may be a wind-up. i only read this blog for the hot lesbian action.

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