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Bloody summer heat…

Bloody summer heat…

Well, the summer heat has returned to haunt Cardiff in a simultanousely hot, muggy and grey way that only Cardiff can manage.

So as well as the other side effects of summer heat – tossing and turning, disturbing dreams, sweating just walking across the road – my PC’s decided to pack up as well.

It won’t stay on for more than 4 minutes without rebooting itself – whereupon it’ll declare a sulk for not being able to find the hard drive. And that’s when I have the side cover off the computer, and have a desk fan blowing sweet cold air into the PC, when it should be blowing it into my face.

I’m getting rather fed up of that PC. Over the last year, I’ve replaced pretty much every component on it in an attempt to get a stable PC – the only components left from the original PC are the processor and the god-awful-ugly case. I’ve reinstalled Windows at least six times, and nothing is working.

Anyone got any suggestions (aside from inserting an extra fan) before I take it to an over-priced computer shop?

In the meantime, what am I going to do with my evenings? I’ll have to go to the gym, or even talk to people. *shudder*

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