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The only Chinese restaurant in the Arctic Circle…

The only Chinese restaurant in the Arctic Circle…

Boing Boing: Greenland’s only Chinese restaurant with dishes like Clay Pot Walrus and Tired Fisherman’s Soup.

However, I get the distinct impression it’s a joke or piss-take. My Dad’s local takeaway served a community of about 5,000 people (mostly caravan-dwelling Birmingham tourists or local people eating local things, we’ll have no trouble in here) and he’s changed the menu about three times in 23 years.

It also gets into what constitutes a Chinese takeaway. I’ve certainly never eaten Clay Pot Walrus.

On the other hand, I was very surprised to find Chinese takeaways in the Dominican Republic when I was there on holiday. It was bad enough for me feeling isolated when I grew up in Wales, and was the only Chinese boy under 40 for about 14 miles, so I can’t imagine it’d be much better in Greenland or the Dominican Republic.


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