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Most over-used words in English

Most over-used words in English

Wordcount lists the 86,800 most popular words in the English language. And the words I searched for should give you a state to my current mind:

unfortunately (my most overused word – ranked 2172)
fuck (of course, ranked 5598. Shallow and charming preceded it, funnily enough)
lesbian (ranked 8950 – incomplete was 8949!)

The least popular word is conquistador. So I think we need a national campaign to make conquistador a much more popular word. Let the work start here!

(Thanks to who spotted it via Ben Hammersley)


  • "war" (304) is more common than "god" (376) or "peace" (1155)

  • You are the conquistador of the word conquistador.

    I know you would rather be the conquistador of lesbians, though 😉

  • Don Quixote!

    Conquistador me!

  • Shawn Coyle

    I am sick of hearing the following words:

    1. Really: Started the buzz word trend
    2. Issues: (watch tv for 15 minutes and count how
    many times you here it.)
    3. Absolutely: Just say yes or that's right!!!
    4. Exactly:

    These words drive me crazy!!! It must be the cool thing to say!!!!

  • Mr.goodnightout

    These are mine, and am I sick of them, and are they worn out!

    1) Cool (very bad legacy of the 1960's new word please)

    2) Sucks ( enough said)

    3) Basically ( Starts far to many answers)

    4) Touch-base ( Please say this is dying out)

    5) Respect ( as a statement)

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