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Let's talk around birth control ?!

Let's talk around birth control ?!

I hate these new-fangled Yahoo! Messenger IMVironments anyway (things that take over your chat window and give it a “pretty” – ie heavily advertised and pointless – surrounding to your chat).

But today a friend found one called Love Me Love Me Not that was basically advertising a birth control pill! What next, you’ll be chatting to someone on the phone and get interrupted by subliminal messages about birth control ?! Sheesh…


  • First of all, the world is wildly overpopulated. Secondly, half of the world should be sterilized because of personality traits that should not be perpetuated. Thirdly, EVERYTHING is about money.
    Thanks for signing again. I enjoy the blogging world very much….and as you can tell, I can't shut up about it.

  • What subliminal messages? I don't see any (AAAAANNNDREWW…USE TROJAN LAAATEX CONDOMS) subliminal (RIBBED, FOR HER PLEASURE!) messages.

  • I wouldn't have a clue what to buy if it wasn't for pop-up advertising. And my penis would be a whole lot smaller, too.

  • I read in PC Pro this month that Yahoo have once again rejigged the IM system so that it won't work with Trillian. Which is weird as I've just got Trillian to work with Yahoo.

    Trillian, for those who don't know, is a program that'll let you chat to Yahoo, AIM, MSN, and ICQ contacts within one program instead of having to have 4 open at once.

    Anyway, Yahoo's reason for blocking people not using their proprietary program? "To prevent the spread of spam".

    Erm. Aren't pop-ups and the like a form of spam? And aren't they what you have to put up with if you *use* the proper Yahoo client? Trillian prevents them! Face it, Yahoo's real reason is they want people to see the ads. Why can't they at least be honest about it?

    Oh, and buy my patented cock-enlargement kit.

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