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The speed of the Internet, eh?

The speed of the Internet, eh?

The last time Doctor Who hit television, I was a student at the University of Bradford. So when the first trailer hit BBC television, I was asked by various American friends to encode it and stick it on the then-new Internet. It took me all night, wrestling with a Pentium PC (the height of new technology in those days) to encode it to a size that was small enough to put on a website. It still managed to crash the university servers until the site administrators finally deleted the offending movie clip.

Fast forward to 2004, and BBC Wales Today broadcast a report at 6.40pm from on location at Howells, a department store in Cardiff.

I idly check on The Outpost Gallifrey about an hour later, and already news clips and screen frame-grabs are up. On the forums, people are putting up minute-by-minute updates of the Wales Today reports.

My, how the Internet has moved on…

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