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Registering domain names…

Registering domain names…

I need to register another domain name – but I don’t want to use the one I normally use, ever since I let a domain name lapse and they snapped it up anyway, forcing me to use them if I want to renew it!

I’d like to hear personal solicitations of good domain name registrars please, if at all possible.

Thank you.


  • I've used before, a couple of years ago – they were quite good. But the concept of renting a domain name really pisses me off. Why can't you buy them? Why do the registering companies hold all the power (such as ownership reverting to them when it lapses)? Is there a way to buy them direct without using a third party?

  • have been good to me in the past. Cheap, minimal hassle and an actual local rate phone call to ring for support if required.

  • There's a lot of spammy crap out there
    trying to get you to buy up your domain
    for 10,000 years or saying it's about
    to expire…pooh.

    I've used, no real complaints –
    but have more experience with Earthlink, who
    I wouldn't use again.

  • I used freeparking but I had some gambling related names in my portfolio.
    They kindly locked my account at one point for three months with zero communications.
    I had noticed some dept of justice hits shortly before this happened.

    Website names are a serious buyer beware zone, make sure anything remotely contentious has nothing whatsoever to do with the usa.

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