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For years, I’ve jokingly called Americansm merkins just because it seems like a nice way to abbreviate American. Now of course there’s the American Merkin Company
which sells merkins – pubic hair wigs.

It’s a sexist disgrace when you compare the female and male ranges btw 😉


  • You didn't know what a merkin was? At least you had an excuse. I've been calling Americans "merkins" for years – since I *did* find out what one was on many years ago!

    Having said that, the yanks who knew what I meant didn't seem offended. Sense of humour goes a long way in this day and age. Wish it would rub off on more of them.

  • 'Cuz I'm proud to be a 'merkin
    'cuz at least I know I'm (flea) free?!

    Why the hell would anyone ever need
    (or want?!) one of those things…!?

  • Oh…my…

    Saw the male ones. One word: HOLE!

    I think I threw up a little in my coffee.
    Thanks! :))

  • Vominous!

    I guess I can kind of understand why someone would want (or need) one of those things, but why, I wonder, do they not offer a non-bush model? I don't ever think I've seen a real pubic region even close to that hairy.

    Maybe I should count myself lucky.

  • barry

    and now we have the merkin president with his own lice

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