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Belle De Jour is the 10th most powerful person in British New Media?!

Belle De Jour is the 10th most powerful person in British New Media?!

at least according to the woefully misinformed Guardian.

Now, I’ve nothing against miss Belle De Jour and her weblog. I read it myself from time to time. But just because a blogger writes interesting fascinating content, and has managed to get a publishing deal out of it, does not make her the 10th most powerful person in British new media.

Does she hire anyone? Fire anyone? Commission anything? Exercise power in any way? What kind of power can she exercise? None, aside from deciding which publishing house gets her memoirs.

Admittedly, blogging is a fast growing phenomenon, and one can argue it deserves to be represented in some way in the top 100. But they could have chosen “all the bloggers”, or someone like Phil Gyford or Tom Coates or the former Bloggerheads, who can at least marshal campaigns.

Addendum: Thanks to for helping me to spot the contextualizing comment from the Media Guardian that Belle Du Jour apparently “makes the list as a representative of the millions of online bloggers and the year that blogging went overground.”. Although if, as the Guardian says, it’s because she got a book deal, then what about people like Mil Millington, who managed to turn his web ramblings into a book and is now an “author”?


  • Well it’s kind of random and a bit stupid, but I can’t blame them for going for the people who’ve wandered into the mainstream. Only two things I’m not sure about – that webloggers in this country have any aggregate power (yet) or that if they did Belle du Jour would be representative of the kind of weblogs that did. Seems to me it’s more likely to be the political scene that would have the influence, but hey…

  • Belle du What…?

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