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Another reason why I want to move to Berkeley

Another reason why I want to move to Berkeley

“The most bizarre language choices in Berkeley are the pick-up lines … With completely straight face someone told me that I “glow.” Oh, and of course the local university has a 40% Asian-American population. Which would just blow my mind.


  • If you find the lack of diversity attractive, try Irvine. Look up the stats on UC Irvine in particular.

  • Heh, I was bored, so I did it for you.

    Check this out – stats for Spring 2004:

    Asian subtotal: 9,998
    (Chinese: 3,331)

    Out of a total of 22,696 — 44% Asian

    I used to laugh when I was at UC Santa Barbara when I'd read the University's cute little pledges of "diversity," when the UC system is one of the most segregated I've ever experienced. At least it was when I was in school. What they do is group all students from all campuses into one sum and then brag about the diversity of the student body, when, come on, spend a little time there and you see what's going on. It's not all the University's fault, though, I guess people just like to be around themselves.

    I don't. Maybe I'm an oddball.

    Incidentally, UCSB was a mostly white campus, the kind of white campus that makes white kids a little nervous around white kids, if you know what I mean. If I felt like that around a whole bunch of white students, I can't understand how everyone else gets on with it. Prefers it, even.

  • It's not so much I would find the lack of diversity attractive, as the fact I wouldn't stick out like a sore thumb so much!. Diversity is such a ridiculous thing to have "targets" for – there's no point having a diverse campus if, as I've found in most cases, people self-segregate themselves.

    Most CHinese people I've found self-segregate to the point that HK people hang out with HK people, Taiwanese Chinese hang out with Taiwanese Chinese which leaves us British/WEstern-acting Chinese sticking out like a sore thumb. Which is presumably why Berkeley appeals. Hopefully they'll be Western-orientated Chinese people like me 😉

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