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Get circumcised by a robot!

Get circumcised by a robot!

SmartKlamp: the fine art of male circumcision. – a device that performs the oh-so-delicate art of male circumcision on small boys. Except you have to leave it on for five days, and get a doctor to take it off afterwards.

So notwithstanding the point of circumcision (what is the point?), what is the point of getting a device to do it when you still need human interaction? And it’s a bloody brave parent/man who’ll let a robot do that sort of thing.


  • I swear, you find the most interesting things…but I vote no on circumcision.

    Unless it smells.

  • At least it's not as fucked up as female circumcision. Anyone committing that on a person should have their own bits sealed shut with molten lead then beaten to death with rocks. Horrific.

    All the same, I appreciate there are occasional medical reasons, but other than that it's simply mutiliaton for traditional or religious reasons.

    One bizarre thing, is apparently it's common in the US, even amongst non-Jews. My American ex wasn't short on previous partners and I was the first "un-cut" guy she'd been with. Coincidence?

    One question, though Andy – how the hell did you stumble on that web page?

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