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Diana's mourners have more time than talent…

Diana's mourners have more time than talent…

A nicely cynical look at the Princess Diana memorial fountain, nice though it looks. And some people are still writing poetry for her, in the style of a particularly pretentious Lisa Simpson. Why why why why why?


  • Fabulous posting.

    I think it looks like a golf course 😛
    Oh no, here it comes…The Princess Diana Memorial Duck Pooping Pond.

  • I can't wait to see the memorials to The Queen. For no other reason than it'll mean another one of those inbred bastards is dead.

  • Sheff

    What disappointing comments. I was hoping you'd get some crazy confused nutters berating you for your disrespectful, anti-monarchist, pro monarchist blah-blah-blah…

    Which would have given the rest of us a good chuckle. Baiting these people always makes for a good few minutes sport.

    Maybe none of them are computer literate enough so the Sun website is as far as they get.

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