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Why read an online journal?

Why read an online journal?

Ob. disclaimer – I’m not seeking to make fun of Ellie (a friend of a friend) or anyone else, but in her disclaimer to her journal, she writes: “You shall not read my online journal in a bid to find information about myself or others i may include in entries.”.

Erm… why else would one read an online journal? Is there any other reason to read a journal? You’re curious about said person, or simply like their writing, or are simply entertained by their writing – but either way, you’re reading partly in a bid to find out about someone else’s life – a part of their life they’ve opened up to public consumption, admittedly.

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  • Well…I kind of agree.

    I do think, however – after recent undies incident – that people should f— off if they don't like what they see. And I guess trying to keep your blog anonymous is pointless unless it's password-protected. But then, what's the point?

    I guess I just can't say anything really interesting anymore 😛

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