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Pulp fiction and my love for boxy American flats

Pulp fiction and my love for boxy American flats

Stumbled back from the pub, put Pulp Fiction on.

The first time I saw this was a preview in October 1994 at the best cinema in the UK , the Pictureville in Bradford. As to be expected, it completely blew us all away – as well as heralding a really dreary set of Reservoir Dogs/Pulp Fiction “homages” from my fellow students.

After that, my life would take me quite often to various parts of the United States, and to lots of standard dark apartments. Nothing fancy about them – just generic residential apartments, which differed from British flats in having a combined kitchen/living area window, and very few windows for daylight.

But to this day, every time I’m in one, I momentarily think Pulp Fiction. Why PF should remind me of these apartments is strange, since no doubt there were many films I saw before Pulp Fiction that had these apartments. But the apartments do remind me. And every time I have that thought, for some bizarre reason, it feels slightly cool for me to be in that apartment. As if a piece of Pulp Fiction’s magic has transferred itself to every box apartment in America.

And you know what? Pulp Fiction is still a great film 10 years on.

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