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Faux pas for the day

Faux pas for the day

So I’m at a pub with some of my friends who bring along someone new — which is a very rare event in Cardiff. Or maybe I just need to expand my social circle.

Said newbie person happens to be a foreigner to these humble hills and rivers, so we get chatting about the differences between the UK and Canada etc. And somehow, the conversation turns to American attitudes to plastic surgery, and in particular Leslie “Fish Lips” Ash. And I make the singularly stupid utterance: “So if you were thinking about plastic surgery…” – at which point I realise just what I said and tail off. Never really recovered from that!

So today I cried off my other social engagement – although that was more because someone’s spiky response just put me in the wrong frame of mind for the rest of the day.


  • I must be a horrid American sod,
    because I don't find anything wrong with what you said.

    What was her response, anyway?

  • Me too, what you wrote makes no sense. At all. Unless you unwittingly implied that she was in need of some knife? But maybe it's a national divide. People (here in LA anyways) tell each other, strangers on the street even, straight out "I've got a doctor that can fix your such and such."

    But it did make me think, for some reason, about Jennifer Grey (Dirty Dancing/Ferris Bueller's Day Off), who, on the advice of her agent, got a nose job (after her two big flicks), and then immediately hit the talk show circuit blasting her agent, doctor, friends, family, everyone for making her commit such a heinous act of self mutilation, all in the name of (gasp!) being beautiful! Only problem with it was that she turned from kind of icky looking to absolutely, unbelievably hot after that surgery. Beyond hot.

    But this Leslie Ash (whoever that is) did a bad bad thing to herself. She looks like phase I of what that New York catwoman did to herself. I don't remember her name. Have you guys seen pictures of the catwoman in the UK?

  • Well, implying that someone thought about plastic surgery tends to imply that you think they're hideously ugly or something. But she obviously wasn't. It's so obvious you two are Los Angelos 😉 (Lucky sods…)

    Jennifer Grey is hot? I require proof of this unlikely turn of events. And the only catwoman I've seen is Pfeiffer (doubleplus good) and Berry (doublenegative bad)

  • I read Bizarre. Therefore, I have seen the catwoman. And "meow" is not a valid utterance at seeing the photos. More "hiss spit screach".

    I've also seen the cat man. What a freak…

  • Here you go, the (in)famous Cat Woman of New York

  • Joe G

    Is it that Jocelyn Wildenstein woman? Yep, we've seen her over here.

    Andrew – you over-reacted. No wonder you have so much trouble in social situations if you're always apologising for every possible faux pas you may have committed or implied. Be bold for once – people will like you for it.

    I'd say even the most beautiful person (especially them?) has thought about plastic surgery at some stage – whether it would be wanting actual improvements to their current features or theoretical consideration of it at a later stage. It's just something to think about and discuss with friends, along the same sorts of lines (ha!) as 'would you sleep with someone for a £1m', 'what would you do if you won the lottery', et cetera.

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