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Reasons to go and see Farenheit 9/11

Reasons to go and see Farenheit 9/11

Go and see Farenheit 9/11, and Kylie Ireland (apparently a porn star) will send you a free autographed pic. Wonder if the offer extends to the UK, just for the hell of it…


  • Hey, I'll do it – and I don't even like the "slut" look!

  • You mean that if I send you a picture of me with a ticket stub for Farenheit 9/11, you'll send me an autographed pic of your glorious self? 🙂

    Now, where is the nearest bin to the local cinema…

  • "those of you in foreign countries are excused from this assignment"

    I assume this means "no foreigners". Dammit.

  • So? Get an American friend to do it for you. Or use a US address. How is she going to know the difference, unless you pose with a British flag?

  • "apparently"

    haha that's funny.

    Kylie is now an exec. at Vivid. Or at least she was when we interviewed her 3 years ago for a short doc on porn. But of course, you can't take the, umm, out of the, um, porn star. She still does films when she's not making executive decisions. And she has been married since before she was in porn. Her husband got her into it.

    Funniest business in the world, porn is.

  • Depends if the people doing porn see it for what it is – commercially filling a need and making a quick buck – or if they're doing it as a calling card for Hollywood or whatever.

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