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Naked attempt to get more links

Naked attempt to get more links

I’m promised that if I link to The Friday Project and their superlative re-launched The Friday Thing and London By London, they’ll link back.

If I actually lived in London any more I’d definitely link to them but instead I don’t. So I read the emails from the London By London thing and sigh about what a together (albeit pricey) media scene London has, with magazines and fanzines galore, and the seminal Time Out.

Not quite as good as the US equivalent – hell, St. Louis (a friendly Mid-Western city with half a McDonalds arch as its main highlight) has the much better Riverfront Times. Amazing considering it’s free – and the “alternative listings” section is a hilarious hoot. Plus it feels like if I could only find an interesting enough feature to write about, I could contribute – it’s a city newspaper for the people by the people. At least that’s my rose-tinted view of it.

Over here in Cardiff, we get erm… one freebie monthly paper-mache magazine that only seems to get distributed in fashionable clothes shop, so it never catches my eye for obvious reasons. It feels more like an advertorial for various clothing / beauty / music / film products, and there’s no feel within said magazine that Cardiff is alive, let alone any articles or features that don’t involve promoting a product. Shame really.

Oh, and the LBL Gallery has a truly terrible picture of me.

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