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Be careful of those Chinese scientists…

Be careful of those Chinese scientists…

When I was at University, the Chinese community divided itself into three camps. There were us sassy British-Chinese (more British than Chinese) who by and large, got drunk like other students, and didn’t bother too much with the Chinese Societies. There were those from Hong Kong/Taiwan/Malaysia/Singapore who were quite Chinese, and pretty much hung out at the British Chinese Societies and nowhere else, not wanting to hang with the natives. Then there were the mainland Chinese, to a man stereotypically quiet lab-coated scientists who barely said anything to anyone.

Empire Online reports that Meryl Streep is to star in a film about one such mainland Chinese scientist, who apparently went postal and shot six people on an Iowa campus in 1991. Uh-oh. Anyone got any newspaper clippings from this?


  • Um…all work and no play make
    (insert Chinese equivalent of
    "Johnny" here) a dull boy…?

  • Watch out for Chinese media students, too. Weird bastards. All of them.

  • This may or may not be helpful, who knows, but I remember in 1995 a guy going similarly nuts. His name was Xeng Zhou, and the only reason I remember his name is that was the name of one of my math professors at the time it happened. Consequently, the Zhou that went crazy may not have even been the science type, and I may just assume that because the math professor Zhou was so brilliant that in my mind, all Xeng Zhous from that point on became made geniuses.

    But you say '91… it might be a different guy.

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